One step further in their exploration.

Lucy stands and we embrace, her warm breasts press against my chest and her tongue invades my mouth, clearly she is still longing for more and looking for gratification. I grab her by the waist and boost her onto the counter, with her butt on the edge of the counter she leans back and supports her weight with her hands. I raise her feet onto the edge of the counter, spreading her legs apart, putting her bald pussy on full display. The swollen outer lips frame the inner pink folds and her prominent clit peeks out forming an obvious target at the top of her pussy, fluids pour from her insides and coat the sensitive inner tissue. If there is any doubt, the location of her clit is directly indicated by the arrow of pubic hair that has been lovingly shaped on her mons pubis.

The need is obvious and my response is decisive. Bowing down I trace my lips along her inner thigh, allowing my tongue to lick the skin as I slowly move towards the junction of her legs. My tongue makes contact with the sensitive area between her butt hole and the base of her pussy; the tip barely touching her skin starts to make circles of increasing size until it touches the base of her pussy and the outer rim of her butt hole. "Ahhhhh, that feels so good" I hear as Lucy pushes her pussy further into my face. I respond by curling my tongue and pressing as deeply as possible into her; when flicking the tip I feel a reaction that suggests I have reached some part of her G spot, the response is immediate, Lucy reaches down to pull my head deeper towards her, her breathing shallows and she simultaneously issues a deep throaty roar and floods my face with fluid during multiple spasms from her climax. I continue to lap up the juices while also being respectful of her now increased sensitivity as I gently lick and explore her now satisfied and very open pussy.

Lucy continues to shudder with each touch and as I stand up she reaches forward, wraps her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist and pulls our mouths together before collapsing against me, her head on my shoulder. I reach to support her, wrap my arms tightly around her glowing body and carry her to the sofa where we lie holding each other; body on body, skin touching skin, emotions interleaved as one.

Inevitably we mold our bodies together and as we lie spooning on the sofa my hand reaches around her body to gently cup her breasts, slowly caressing them with each tender motion. My fingers tease her nipples with gentle massage, roll the increasingly firm betrayers of her reaction between my fingers and gently pinch them. With each stimulus Lucy rolls her butt into my groin, forcing my slowly expanding cock closer to being lodged between her cheeks. My hand continues to roam over her body, smoothing out non-existent blemishes and wrinkles, caressing the shapely curves of her female form, massaging the soft and supple muscles that support her structure. I linger on the curves of her butt and allow my hand to explore the crack between her cheeks, gradually going deeper into the crevice. "Let's go where I can give you a proper back rub," I whisper and she slowly pulls herself out of my clutches and heads for the bedroom.

She lies face down onto the bed and I sit astride her with my cock temptingly pointing straight down towards her puckered ring.

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